Saturday, May 22, 2010

Trout almond dad

This is one of those dishes I have never made before but the smell sent me back to dinners with dad. I would like to remember that we caught brook trout or rainbow trout on a fishing trip and cooked it over a fire. This is not the memory. It is of a restauraunt, many nameless ones, not the usual spots. And Dad would order trout. With almonds. I'm sure Mom made it too because the smells in the kitchen were that kind of familiar. Familiarity that reminds you of the parkay floor in the entry and the sweater vests in the hall closet. And the sound of one of us calling up the stairs that dinner is ready.

Trout with almonds and haricot verts

Blanching the almonds was a cinch. Never have I felt such accomplishment than getting those slippery coats off to expose the milky almond. I put a few in a bowl and covered with boiling water for 2 mins then drained and rinsed them. Then the skins slip right off!

I blanched the green beans as well And served them without butter and they were perfect.

A side salad with tomatoes and radishes sealed the meal.

The trout

1 lb trout fillets with skin
2/3 cup flour
lemon pepper
salt and pepper
butter (melted)
juice of one lime with zest (in lieu of lemon)

Dredge the fish in flour with the spices. Put in a greased pan Covered with melted butter and broil for 7 minutes. While the fish cooks brown the almonds in butter. Add the lime juice parsley an hot sauce to the almond mixture and pour on top of fish and serve immediately.

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  1. My kids found a photo of me and Dad. They have a lot of questions about him - and I always say that he ate a lot of fish and he loved to swim.