Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am going to make dinner for someone for the first time tonight. I have such a hard time making dinner for people that don't already think everything I make is delicious - or feel bad enough about me to lie.
I want to make something easy, celebratory and something that can be eaten past 10.
Is that too much to ask? Also, I don't have a grill!!

I think the reason we are good cooks is because we pay attention. I already know that I can not use cucumbers, watermelon or chicken. And that is just because I tend to pay attention to what people don't like. If you don't like onions - you will have to go somewhere else for dinner.

Risotto - spring risotto
Flank steak - Nikki made this amazing rolled flank steak that I still dream about
Individual Lasagnas? - oh this is a stupid post.


  1. Too late to be of help but I would have made. Wait. I'm stuck. This is a dumb comment.
    OK. I would have made fried chicken!