Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Breakfast

In lieu of making banana pancakes (and yet having the J Johnson song in my head since I thought of it), this morning I'm encouraging the sisters to record their Memorial Day Weekend Menu on the blog. Perhaps some inspiration.....

P's Summer Breakfast

Dad's Crepes (aka the Joy of Cooking Recipe).
Need not say more, except that the proper seasoning of the crepe pan is essential. While the crepes are resting in the Pyrex in the fridge make fruit salad. These will be filled with
1. Grandma's Apricot Jam topped with powdered sugar.
2. Yogurt and Famdamily Fruit Salad.

Famdamily Fruit Salad
Orange Juice and tsp sugar cover 1 c. strawberries, toss with 1 c. blackberries and 1 c. mango. Toss a small handful of sliced almonds for crunch.

Orange Juice and Chilled Sparkling Cider

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  1. We even spoke of dad's crepes last weekend. I think they are the only thing he made but they were delicious. Sounds good with apricot jam!