Friday, June 4, 2010

Opah not at all in the style of Alinea

The Alinea restaurant in Chicago makes fancy food. They manipulate food like alchemists. The recipe for Opah is based on the style of bacon. Oh my. Juniper berries are involved in the 17 recipes to make this one dish. This is what I made instead:

I brined the Opah in honey, salt and juniper berries. In Alinea's cookbook, they say to marinate for 4-5 hours. I thought 2 hours would be sufficient. It was. Then, Alinea wants you to freeze it overnight and slice it into bacon-like strips. That did not happen. Instead, I grilled the Opah like a normal person. The recipe called for 4 or 5 different sauces. I made one orange buerre blanc-y like sauce. It was just fine. Not quite right but I need to work on my sauces anyway.

Then, instead of the fancy sides that involved juniper berries and the accents of peeled juniper berry skins (um, really?) we had broccoli and boiled potatoes. Not very Alinean but still, the broccoli was crisp and the potatoes buttery. For the potatoes, I microwaved butter and sweet onions together for 30 seconds and then tossed the potatoes. Very good. Zoe liked the fish and the onions and the potatoes. Not the sauce. She hates sauce.

Exciting news for today: I'm going to make tortillas!

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  1. How do you have time for this? Exhausting! But it sounds delicious and I am envious.